Our Family Life mission statement is to promote life long faith by partnering with parents and the larger church, while creating space for students and children to experience God.  We operate out of the three core vales of our church:  Worship, Connect and Serve.  Our desire is to introduce students and children to Christ, connect them with other believers, and enable them to growth in their faith through service.    In the past, the generous funds that have come from Dessert Derby have gone towards program needs and most importantly scholarships to events like the mission trip, winter retreats and summer camp.  We have expanded the purview of these funds to support the vital ministry of the entire family life department. 

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Last year, the Dessert Derby raised more than $50,000! That money was used to send 30 high school students and adults on the Philadelphia mission trip, 10 middle school to Island Camp, 8 students and leaders on our first ever "12 trip", over 75 students and leaders to three winter retreats and two impact leaders were given the chance to take next steps at "Adventures in Leaders"! We also sent more than 30 kids to camp last summer! The lasting impact on the youth and those reached by these events is huge.

Because of your financial support, our kids have experiences through programming and events that lead to life change and a deepening walk with Christ. We would love to continue to meet the needs of Family Life’s mission to promote life-long faith through your generosity. 

In 2018, we are continuing to emphasize the power of camp and service opportunities in Family Life. We are hoping to offer additional support so even more children and youth can attend camp during the summer. We have several camp options including day camp, partial week camp, full week camp, and island camp for both children and youth.

This summer, we are sending our high school students to Texas for a week-long mission trip. They are serving this year with Citi Impact as we participate in hurricane disaster relief from last summer and winter. Our students are excited to serve those drastically affected by mother nature last year! 

Last year's "12 trip" was such a hit that those students who graduated and went off to college asked if we could go back again this year!  The result was the formation of a College Boundary Water's trip!  This grand adventure will include canoeing, portaging, hiking, community and discipleship in May 2018.

We will also continue the tradition of both Winter Retreats for the middle and high school students in 2018-19.

The funds raised by your generosity at the Dessert Derby will go a long way in making these events and experiences possible for our kids and students. Thank you for your support! 

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